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MAX Pest Control: We Are Canberra’s Leading Pest

The team at MAX Pest Control provides professional, high-quality pest control services in Canberra and surrounding suburbs. Our team uses products that are 100% safe for your family, your kids, and your pets. Our commitment to quality means we get great results every time and we are proud to have many long-term clients throughout Canberra including the nearby suburbs. We are committed to being one of the most cost-effective pest control treatment Canberra providers. We provide fumigation services also.

Moreover, our Pest Control team believes in providing Integrated Pest Management. In addition, we provide ongoing training to our pest control eradicators enabling them to provide the most efficient pest control services, whenever you need them. Furthermore, Pest Control Canberra prices are inexpensive. Call us at 0259262360 to schedule an appointment and discuss your pest problem with our pest .

Pest Control Champion in Canberra(ACT) For Over 30 Years Protecting Homes and Businesses

For the last 30 years, our team worked towards one sole mission which is to protect Canberra homes and businesses against pests. We work tremendously hard to make sure we can perform the best possible job to get you the best possible results every time. That is why our team provides fast, friendly, and professional services that meet each individual client’s needs.


Moreover, we care about the planet too. That is why we are all using the latest technology that is safe and environment friendly. These all together make us the best team and Pest Control Champion in Canberra(ACT).

Same-Day Emergency Pest Inspection, Treatment, and Removal Services in Canberra

If you are looking for same-day pest inspections for the perfect pest inspection, removal, and treatment solutions then you must hire a certified pest controller to do the job in a professional manner. We MAX Pest Control hold Certificate III in Pest Management and have advanced skills to make your property pest-free.

Pest Inspection in Canberra

Various types of pests such as bed bugs, rodents, silverfish, fleas, flies, ants, possums, and many others at various sorts of properties like schools, colleges, manufacturing industries, shops, malls, residential societies, or private homes, then MAX Pest Control is a one-stop-shop. For further details, you can check Pest Control Canberra reviews.  We understand how exhausted it is when you have found traces of pests on your premises. We provide you with the finest inspection our Pest Treatment in Canberra gives you peace of mind.

Pest Removal in Canberra

We understand your requirements for an inspection and accordingly plan the pest removal and treatment process. We provide urgent help for controlling pests. If you are also one such being who needs everything on time and in a perfect manner, we got your back. With our pest treatment services in Canberra, you can benefit yourself with a genuine and friendly service. We are known for fast responses, bookings, and pest removal services in Canberra.

Canberra Pest Control Services That Will Protect You 24/7

MAX Pest Control is a local pest control company in Canberra and we will reach you on time. In addition, our Pest Control has an extensive range of services including Rodent Control, Bed Bugs Treatment, Silverfish Control, Ant Control, Flea Control, and Cockroach Control. You can reach us if you require immediate pest removal in Canberra. Yes! You no longer need to make a reservation in advance. Our team is ready to assist you 24*7. Besides, we always arrive on time and deliver you the best services.

MAX Pest Control Methods That Are Eco-Safe, Effective and Reliable

Everyone wants to get rid of pests safely and effectively. MAX Pest Control is always a good choice to keep them out. Our technicians use eco-friendly pest removal methods. One of the obvious benefits is that it is better for the home and outside environment. Any caustic or irritant chemical may infiltrate the soil, air, and local ecosystem. We have been doing this for more than 30 years in Canberra, and we have surpassed the competition because our pest control methods are Eco-Safe, Effective, and Reliable.

Domestic/Residential Pest Control Canberra

With reliable solutions for complete pest exterminations at your home. We are giving a special residential and domestic pest control service, where you get your property entirely inspected and treated for pests. So, whether you are having pest nestings on the roof, need rat control, or have spider pest control, we can help. We moreover use only safe, less toxic, and pet-safe products. So, even if your dog or cat has fleas or ticks, call us for the safest pest treatment ever. Additionally, all of our home pest control services are available to book at reasonable prices.

Commercial Pest Control Canberra

We can help you safeguard your business from pests too. We know the consequences of pest attacks on your business reputation. Hence, we offer you a classic commercial pest control service. For every pest treatment need of yours, we send a dedicated team of experts to take care of your business pest control requirements. Furthermore, you can opt for our safe pest management services on many premises. Such as hospitals, schools, colleges, complexes, shopping centers, warehouses, storage units, workplaces, and a lot more. Call for more!

Emergency and Same Day Pest Inspection Services In Canberra

At Max Pest Control, we understand you sometimes require urgent help for controlling pests. Whereas in certain cases you wish to get pest treatment done on a particular holiday. And do not wish to wait for long day bookings. If you are also one such being who needs everything on time and in a perfect manner, we got your back. With our emergency and same-day pest treatment services in Canberra, you can benefit yourself with a genuine and friendly service. We are known for fast responses, bookings, and services.

Moreover, we listen to your needs calmly and quickly guide you with fast service. Our emergency pest controllers can conduct a wide range of services in no time. Like if you have a possum issue, a naughty rat, bed bug bites, or pigeon nesting on an outdoor AC unit- call us and we will quickly access you. Book us for affordable same-day & emergency pest control services.

Emergency Termite Pest Control Service in Canberra

Reasons To Count On Us in Canberra

When you are looking for pest control near me in Canberra, then you can count on our Canberra team. We have the best pest eradicators to offer you a reliable service. Here are some good reasons:

  • 24 by 7 availability for pest controls
  • Decades of pest control industry experience
  • Experienced and Qualified Staff
  • Cost-effective prices
  • Tailored Solutions for pest controls
  • Reliable and Satisfying Results
  • Services are active on holidays and weekends
  • Flexible service booking available
  • Eco-friendly and green pesticides are used
  • Pest eradication and prevention from recurrence
  • Round the clock active for calls
  • Obligation-free quotations on calls
  • Variety of pest treatments under the same roof

You Hate Pest, MAX Love To Remove Pest, Call Us and See The Difference

Pests are not just an annoyance. They can have a negative impact on your health as well as your family. Hence it is necessary to eradicate them whether it is from your home or commercial sites. MAX Pest Control in Canberra is one of the best leading companies among the others. You can see a different level of service when you call us for the following:

End Of Lease Pest Control Canberra

Our end-of-lease pest control service is helpful in controlling and removing silverfishes, rats, or any other pests. We, known as the best pest control are available to help you in clearing requirements of end-of-lease pest control. Our team will help without any delay! Also, our team has special staff to deal with each and every pest. You can appoint Bird, spiders pest control, or the pest control mice team. At the end of the lease, pest treatment is the last thing that is done after cleaning.

Pre-purchase Pest Control Service

We understand the seriousness of pests problems. If you are looking for a new property then investing in pest inspection Canberra service is a great decision. Our local team helps you to invest in the right property and saves you a lot of time and money. Along with detailed inspection pest exterminators, we would provide useful treatments and recommendations to shield your new property. Our team provides you with a detailed report about the previous or present infestation and suggested control ways.

Fumigation Service in Canberra

MAX Pest Control uses fumigants such as methyl bromide, ethylene oxide, or carbon dioxide to kill flying insects and other pests. The advantages of using these fumigants over other kinds of fumigants include their low toxicity, their immediate effect, and their ability to kill a wide variety of target pests. Our Fumigation Services in Canberra has been doing fine work for all types of customers. Our fumigation services help to immediately eliminate pests like cockroaches and ants among other various insects.

We Use Non-Toxic Pest Spray and Sanitization

We know the reason behind the popularity of Non-Toxic Pest Spray and Sanitization, and we have adopted this to provide safe and better services to our customers. Non-Toxic Pest Spray and Sanitization is safe for you, your family, pets, and your surroundings. So we have a plan that deals with your pests and keeps you safe.

Get Expert For Pest Control Services In Canberra and Surroundings

We are happily serving all areas of Canberra and the suburbs with advanced pest control inspection, treatment, and removal services. So, wherever you are currently in Canberra and require pest treatment, call us for rescue. We have happy clients from:

  • Belconnen
  • Gungahlin
  • Weston Creek
  • Majura
  • Ainslie
  • Franklin
  • Kaleen
  • Harrison

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    Treatment as Per Your Requirement, We Have Effective Pest Control Management

    If the treatment is not as per your requirement, it will not be effective. We have an effective pest management team because we treat your home as per your requirement. This effectiveness comes with proper planning, experience, inspection, and many other things that we have and we keep on adding new things to our services and facilities to make things easy and effective for our customers.

    Quick Inspection Service

    An inspection is part of our every pest control treatment, we do not just work on what is shared by customers, we check the problem ourselves. A quick inspection is the start of a master treatment plan.

    Master Treatment Plan

    We prepare a master treatment plan in which we include treatment as per requirement, safe pesticides, amount of pesticides, and chemicals based on area and infestation. Additionally, we plan the best time for treatment and tools to be used for effective spraying and treatments.

    Our Reliable Procedures

    Our reliable procedures include pesticide spray, chemicals spray, heat treatment, baits and traps, cages and nets, pest repellents, powder spreading, and others. We have everything required for proper pest control. The procedure depends on the type of pest. We know whom to kill and whom to remove.

    Affordable Packages

    It is not that we master plan your pest treatment and forget about prices. No, we have affordable packages for all pest treatments. We combine the best things for treatments, but we assure you that you do not have to pay more than average pest control prices in Melbourne.

    Supreme Service, Quality Care: Pest Control Canberra Spiders, Bed Bugs, Mice, Rodent, and Bird

    We never compromise on “Supreme Service, Quality Care”. If you want to experience the same on your property, then feel free to get in touch with us. We are the team holding the best professional skills, advanced tools, and equipment to fulfill your all cleaning requirements.

    Spider Control

    Spider Control Service

    There is no reason to say no to our Pest Control team as we provide a wide range of organic spider control services under one roof through skilled, certified, and experienced spider exterminators. Fumigation for spiders, Baits, and spraying for spiders are some methods used by our staff. In addition, we are a local company thus you can appoint us for the same day as well as emergency professional spider removal services. Furthermore, our pest control treatment for spiders is budget-friendly irrespective you get commercial spider control spider treatment for your home.

    Bed Bugs Treatment

    As bed bugs are nocturnal pests so it is not easy to handle them. If you find traces of bed bug infestation at your property, call our experts to handle the job for you. Our firm is one of the best bed bug inspection companies in Canberra. You can rely on us for better results. Moreover, we usually employ natural solutions and techniques for bed bug treatment. That is why our latest methods are safe for your pets too.

    Bed Bugs Pest Control

    Mice Pest Control Canberra

    We have a good name in the field of mice treatment in Canberra. Our mice exterminators provide you with desired mice treatment by investigating the mice infestation reasons. Moreover, our mice catchers use the latest technology for mice removal including mice baiting and others. Our team for Mice Pest Control has helped thousands of clients with services in Canberra.

    Bird Pest Control Service

    Birds are always liked when they are chirping. But when one has a bird infestation on their property, it becomes exhausting. Then, all you want is Bird Pest Control Canberra through experts. Thus, we are here to assist you!  So book your prompt bird pest control service with us.

    Bird Pest Control

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