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Common Faq’s: All MAX Pest Control Canberra experts know everything about pest inspections, control, and prevention for Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Termites, and Possums. So, if you have any doubt relating to pest management, you can check the below-mentioned frequently asked questions. The information provided below is factual and hopefully guides you to decide on pest treatment. For any doubts or a no-pressure quote, please call us at 0259262360

MAX Pest Control Canberra

  • It usually depends on the type of pest treatment. Our team will inform you about the duration before starting the process. Generally, it takes less time and gives quick results as we have a skilled team and all the tools who apply modern techniques.

  • What are your charges for ant control service?

    We would request you to call us on the toll-free number. Our customer care team will have to confirm the infestation size and the pest control needs. Accordingly, we give the right and reasonable quotation.

  • Do you provide your pest control services in nearby locations in Canberra?

    Yes, our local team of pest controllers is also available to serve in places close to Canberra. You can call us and confirm your location so that our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

  • What time of year is best for pest control?

    The best suited time to have a pest treatment is early spring. By having pest control in the spring, you have a great opportunity to destroy infestation and pest colonies completely. As the number of pests population in early springs is low. The treatment in early spring is, therefore, less time-taking and more effective.

  • Are there termites in Canberra?

    Yes, there are about 30 different species of termites in Canberra. However, only 2 of them- Nasutitermes vexatious and Coptotermes frenchi are most common. So, it’s better to schedule a professional termite inspection and treatment service every once in five months in Canberra.

  • Do you offer customized Pest Control Services in Canberra?

    Yes, of course. We are ready to help you with a tailored pest management plan. Just share with us your needs and budget, and we will design a detailed, customized, and pocket-friendly pest control for you.

  • How much is your charge for pest control for a house?

    The charge for a pest control treatment for a house differs from home to home. The major factors that affect the pest control price for a home are- the number of rooms, location, type and level of pest infestation, and many more. So, to get a clear estimate of pest control for your house, call us directly.

  • Is it better to spray for bugs inside or outside?

    If you have a fresh or existing infestation, your house must be sprayed for bugs inside because a few bugs have already built nestings inside your home. Applying insecticides and sprays indoors will help in lowering the pest activity as it will kill eggs, larvae as well as living pests.

  • What Methods MAX Pest Control Use in Canberra?

    MAX Pest Control uses a variety of pest control methods in Canberra. We mostly use fumigation for bees, traps for possums, sprays for mosquitoes and flies, baits and gels for ants, and many more. Also, we make sure to use non-toxic and organic pest control solutions for safe pest control.

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